My virtual trip to the 2018 EV Grand Prix.


With less than 16 days to go, here is a good timeline to follow:

By now you should have registered for the event and purchased your pit passes, as you know each team will receive 5 IMS ticket and 1 N lot parking pass for your transporter or trailer, remember that a pit pass will not get you into the speedway, these are very different things.

After you have registered you either have your registration packet, or it's on its way. Inside you will find a welcome letter, your IMS tickets, N parking pass, and depending if you joined your EKS Hard card. You have read the welcome letter and now are putting together a plan.

You have passed out all the forms that the students need to sign. The IMS Minor form along with the WKA form must be notarized. The WKA form has a side for the student to sign and aside for the parent or guardian to sign and have notarized. You have mentioned that if any student’s parents attend the last test and tune event, a notary will be on site.

Things are coming together quite nicely. You have your team ready to attend the last test and tune and are on autopilot.

After the test and tune, it is crunch time. You need to gather up all the forms that have not been turned in at this point. You have been checking the forum for updates and now begin executing your plan for the event.

Your students have been practicing the presentation to the committee, do they have all the requirements necessary to WOW them. Datasheets, Drawings, Photos all give your presentation that little edge. You stress to your team that this is 60% of the World Final Championship Grade. They look good, but you have them do it over again and again.

You go over your checklist, tools check, batteries charged check, you have gone over the safety pre-tech sheets, you have double checked the kart yourself. Chain lube check, air tank or compressor check, extension cords check, battery charger check, extra kart parts check, small generator if available check, and drivers safety equipment.

It’s the Wednesday before the event; you confirm transportation is a go, your tow vehicle is a go, all the forms are in order, your driver has filled out his driver bio sheet,  your students are excited, come on Monday.

The day before you leave. Trailer or tow vehicle gets loaded, you recheck your list. Your students know when, where and at what time to meet,  lawn chairs and coolers packed. You make sure your driver(s) are prepared, all the safety gear is in order, and he or she understand along with your team the value of a good work ethic.

The big day has come, food and drink on ice, you are at the gate when they open at 8:30, tickets in hand and tow pass visible. As you travel under the track, you will be facing north, once you arrive at the top, you will go to your left, if necessary telling the Yellow Shirts that you are attending the World Finals held near the Pagoda and the North lot. They will direct you to the race site, you find a parting stop in the grass to the right od the track, pulling up far enough to get everyone in (we are expecting 50 teams). You gather up your team, form, parents, and everyone that will need a pit pass and you head to the track area and looking for the green Registration sign. It is very important that everyone is together at this point. As you approach the registration table, tell the girls you are competing in the high school or college event and tell them the name of your school or organization. They will pull your packet, start handing out the pit passes you have purchased, your five-member team will also get a special wristband as well. They will have your practice/tech sticker and tell you where it belongs; they will if applicable hand out your chassis seal and motor seal. They will give each student that you bring a ticket for drawings held during the drivers meeting and will enter your school or organization into a drawing for a set of Hoosier Tires that will also be given away during the drivers meeting.

Once you leave registration, get your trailer or tow vehicle unloaded. Place you practice/tech sticker on the kart, get your filled out pre-tech sheet, if applicable your chassis and motor seal, your drivers helmet, driver and your team and push your kart to tech. Look for the Yellow Sign inside the track.

Ok that all went well, now let’s put the kart on charge and find out when we are scheduled to meet the committee.

You want to make sure that your entire team is at the drivers meeting on time, remind them to bring the ticket they were given in registration. There is a lot to go over, so it's important to remind them to listen closely.

You know when to be in front of the committee, you’re through tech, your team is ready for practice, Ladies and Gentlemen Start your Motors! It's race time.




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