Date: 04/27/2019
Time: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm
Where: 645 North Front Street, Whiteland Indiana 46184

This is the last scheduled test and tune before the World Finals; we are expecting to have some news coverage so please plan to attend. Let's look very professional.

The track was built in 1958 and is the Oldest Karting Track in the country. The track is now owned by Andy and Sarah (Fisher) O'Gara and is being remodeled. If you have not been there in a while, you will be amazed as countless working hours and dollars have been spent to bring back this iconic race track. If you see the O'Gara's, please thank them as they are great supporters of all things karting and my personal friends.

Pit passes will be sold at a reduced rate of $5.00 per person.
Top Kart will cover the practice fees.
All persons under the age of 18 will require a WKA Minor Release and can be downloaded here.
As the clubhouse is still being finished as of this post - neither food or drink service will be available, so pack lunches and drinks.
We are expecting media outlets to attend. Let's all look professional.
Your kart must be in complete compliance with the 2019 rule book. All bumpers, driver fairing, safety clips, push back bumper brackets installed, safety gear to name a few. Do not tell me Ill get it next time or I was not aware we had to have that to practice, the grace period ended at the Ceraland Test and Tune. No one will get on track until you have been teched.

If your teams kart breaks down on track do not instruct anyone to recover it. The safety crew will instruct you when it is safe to do so. I repeat - DO NOT INSTRUCT YOUR TEAM MEMBERS TO GO ONTO A HOT TRACK. Should you feel the need to do so, you and your team will be asked to leave. This is your warning.

Things to bring:
By now you should all know what to bring, tools, chargers, chairs, etc. Do not ask to use the power at the track, no not ask to use my generator. As you can tell by this post the gloves have come off a bit, you're just weeks away from the biggest race in Electric Karting and its time to function like a professional race team.

Gates open at 9:00 am
Get your pit passes
Head to the Top Kart Garage (look for sign) for tech; you need your kart and safety gear.
Based on turn out we may elect to run all karts (college and high school) at the same time.
This is an open test day for all karts, so we may need to alternate with Gas Karts.
Have fun, learn and go fast.

See you all there.

Life is what happens to you while you're planning on doing something else.
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Weather forecast is shaping up. 

No reason to be concerned as I now show Partly Cloudy and chance of a shower late in the day.
Going to be a great day for testing.

Life is what happens to you while you're planning on doing something else.
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Fantastic outing. Weather was nice, and we got a lot of good data. 

I want to thank all the schools that attended the event as well as the great folks at Purdue, Danny and Stu White.

Next up is the Worlds.

Life is what happens to you while you're planning on doing something else.
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PICTURES:  I got some great shots today at Whiteland.  I posted them to the evGP website here:

Also if you didn't see the CERAland pictures, here they are:
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Also:  if you haven't followed us on social media go ahead and check us out.  I like to tag teams and schools whenever possible.  Give us a tag on your social posts and we'll retweet/share/comment/like.

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