1) Remember to bring all the necessary signed and in some cases notarized documents, there will be up to three per person attending. You need the Purdue release signed by everyone attending, you will need the IMS release signed by everyone attending  over the age of 18. Those under 18 will need the IMS minor version of that release signed by the parent and a notary, and the WKA minor release again signed by the parent and notary. If you need a form before hand they are available on this site and the Purdue site as well. If any parents with minors will be at the final test an tune event Bill Sr. will be there to notarize those forms for them if need be.

2) Keep your entire team together, pit passes must be signed for by the person wearing it. If they are not with you they will have to get back in line and wait. 

3) As we are expecting over 50 teams so please arrive early

4) You will be asked which school or organization you represent and the contact person that registered your team and to confirm who is driving which kart.

5) Pay close attention to the instructions given, for example where to place your practice sticker, and what do I do with the ticket you received. We will be giving away over 500.00 in gift cards and merchandise at the drivers meeting.

6) Ask question related to registration only, other questions seek out the race director.

7) Have fun - enjoy the speedway and have a great day!
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