Please find your region letter below, you will use it as part of your kart number going forward. For example if your kart number is 106 and you live in the state of Texas your kart number would be 106G.


Alabama D, Alaska J, Arizona I, Arkansas G, California J, Colorado F, Connecticut A, Delaware A, Florida D, Georgia D, Hawaii J, Idaho H, Illinois F, Indiana B, Iowa F, Kansas F, Kentucky C, Louisiana G, Maine A, Maryland A, Massachusetts A, Michigan B, Minnesota E, Mississippi E, Missouri F, Montana E, Nebraska F, Nevada I, New Hampshire A, New Jersey A, New Mexico G, New York B, North Carolina C, North Dakota E, Ohio B, Oklahoma G, Oregon H, Pennsylvania B, Rhode Island A, South Carolina E, South Dakota E, Tennessee C, Texas G, Utah I, Vermont A, Virginia C, Washington H, Wisconsin E, Wyoming E.


Africa N, Asia R, Australia S,  Canada T, Central America K, Europe M, India P, Middle East O, Pacific Islands Q, Russia U, South America L.
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