Practice is always limited everywhere, making the best of this time is important. Too often I see students right out of the gate trying to win practice, here is a little hint - there are no trophy's given out for practice. Typically the track is green, cold, and in most cases, dirty. The tires are cold, and its a best guess on tire pressure, and if something is going to go wrong (a crash), it usually happens in that first practice.

Leave plenty of space between you and the kart ahead of you. Should the kart ahead of you push past the mechanical grip of the kart and spins more than likely if your following closely you will get caught up in that accident or, you attempt to avoid the spinning kart, and you get hit by the kart following you, either way the outcome is not what your looking for.

Using that gap between karts, you can concentrate on finding your braking marks, feeling how the kart is handling, seeing the line taken by the driver ahead of you to name a few things.

Let us talk about the last thing for a minute (highlighted text above), if my whole practice, I run my same line what have I learned? A lap time that's good (maybe) or bad (perhaps). Now if you see the driver ahead of you enter a corner with an early apex, and you enter with a later apex, and upon exit you have closed the gap, or to the contrary you lost ground, guess what, you now have added extra practice time going into round two of practice.

Be honest with yourself about your driving if you made mistakes own them, deflecting them to handling or other issues will cause your team to make changes that should not need to be made. If you drove off the circuit because you were pushing too hard, own it, do not tell your team the kart would not turn (Pushed). If you do, they might loosen the chassis, and then you will waste yet another practice with a loose kart next round. Here is another hint - with data system those little fibs are likely to be called out anyway.

If you want to "win" practice set attainable goals:
Finished practice - check, Tried different lines - check, Worked on my braking - check, Went faster each lap - check and then guess what ?  - you  "WON" your private practice.

Have fun - learn and improve.
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