"The devil is in the details"  

A little history on this run. One of our drivers at the Winter Tour ROK race was very fast during qualifying, so much so I got lazy and did not look at the data very hard.

As a result we finished third in the first heat race. Horrible finish for us. After debriefing the driver, he told us the kart was getting loose lap after lap on the sweeper leading onto the long straight. Because of that he had to lift and counter steer a bit to keep the kart from coming out from under him.

After confirming this with the data, I went back to the qualifying run to see what we missed. Guess what - Shame on me.

Here is what I missed:

Track Map 
* the area we will be working with is circled in turn 8 near the exit leading onto the straightaway


Using the graph below, the data shows near the exit of that corner, that the kart is pulling 1.82G's positive then to 1.54G's positive, then back to 1.78G's, so on and so forth.  The kart would loose mechanical grip momentarily, so the kart was starting to get loose near the end of the qualifying run, and just not quite enough that a young driver might have been able to feel. 

lat.jpg As you can see the shiny AIM data logger is a teams best friend, If you're looking to improve results Invest in a SOLO 2 and learn the system. Race car teams are always looking for data analysts.
When Conor Daly raced for us his dad Derek would remind me of this all the time - "Bill the devil is in the details....."
Turns out he was right.
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