Ben Hall KSU-EVT
I am from Kennesaw State University's autonomous team and wanted to provide a discord for all the teams competing: 

I also wanted to ask about how everyone is doing and open up some good discussion to our approaches as I know so far there has not been an autonomous go kart to complete a lap on its own. Hopefully we will all be able to change that this year. 

On the mechanical side:

- with the change to a mandatory drive train, we decided to go for active braking along side our emergency brake being controlled by rev's neo brushless motor along side our emergency brake which is a fail safe electromagnet
- for steering we are going with another neo brushless motor and more sturdy gearbox to a more hardy steering column
(the regular steering column has a tendency to bend under the intense torque that these steering motors can apply)

On the software side: 
- ROS 1 is king, and we are its subjects. 
- standard occupancy grid based SLAM 
- attempting model based controls 

Also, I wanted to ask about how your teams are going to deal with overtaking/other karts on the track. This is something that hasn't really been done on our scale on such a tight course before and is what we think is going to cause a good many crashes on race day. I think we as teams do need to discuss this at least somewhat because none of us really want to see what happens when autonomous go karts collide. 

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We have an Autonomous Call in. That is where we answer these questions as the topic is very technical. We only discuss the control systems. We will make sure all are on the call next round and make sure the call time and contact info is on the Forum.

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