A comprehensive Rulebook will be online soon. These rules will then be introduced into the World Karting Association 2019 rulebook.  Some of the Highlights within the High School Division are:

Rule 5.0.1           Spirit and Intent

If this rule book does not say you can, then you cannot. Guidelines in this rulebook are all subject to the term “Spirit and Intent” and apply to all facets of the sport of karting, drivers, crew members, school/organizations and the likes. This rulebook is a living document and may be changed at any time, including up to the green flag at any event. The rulebook is for Fair and Equitable competition.

Rule 5.14.3         EVHS Class Structure

       Driver Requirement: High School Student driving for the school he/she will graduate from with a
       minimum age of 14.

       Crew Requirement: Must be attending the school that has registered the kart for competition

                          Kart: Standard EV kart chassis, See rule 2.1.1

                          Motor: See Rule 6.1.1

       Drive System: Gear drove off the motor, single gear on the axle. No gearboxes of any type.
       No belt drive system allowed. #35 Chain, sprocket and gears only.

                          Propulsion System: See rule 6.3.2

                          Minimum weight: 400 LBS. including driver and safety apparel See Rule 2.2.1

                          Spec Tire: To Be Determined. See rule 6.4.4

                          Other: No Rain, Wet or Damp condition operation. See rule 2.5.3

As you can tell, we believe that a strong rule package will ensure the growth of the sport and allow all teams to be competitive based on preparation, testing, training, and skill, not on an unlimited budget.

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