To dispel some rumors, the following ALLTRAX Controllers are the only legal ones for this Series:
The original SPM48300 - larger square box and the sleeker SR48300 version "Q" that the majority of you have.

There is a model SR48300 version "R" (Research for now", Version "R" if necessary) that is not for sale and not allowable for competition.  There is one school that has been having problems and ALLTRAX had made this available to gather data.

we’re still waiting on getting proper information from the school who is having this problem to see if it’s something that needs a redesign (the ‘R’ version) or if it’s a simple fix or possibly user error that’s the cause of this

In practice at the Ceraland Event the Version "R" controller was slower, and was removed before qualifying attempts by that school.

We will keep you up to date as we receive updates from ALLTRAX.
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