We recently purchased an AIM Solo 2 from Top Kart.  Being brand new to this it is quite a bit to take in.  We have been piecing some things together from tutorials we are finding from online searches but were wondering if there is a hub for tutorials on the solo 2 or if there is some tutorials that will walk us through how to read the data and what to do with the data we are collecting for beginners.  
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!
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The AIM SOLO data acquisition product is a game changer, Race Studio 3, the free software to process the data is amazing and unlocks the power of the solo. There are hundreds of thousands of videos out there on the product. I would suggest either scheduling a day or evening where we could give you the basics or, at any of the test and tune event, we would be happy to analyze your data and explain to your team what they are looking at, how to read it and what can be improved from it. 

If we can arrange it we can also do a class room presentation. 
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Here is Aim Sports Vimeo page with some how-to's on how to utilize their product and software. Filter through their channel and take a look at some of the videos that pertain to either Race Studio 3 or Race Analysis 2 software as those are both necessary to know to view the data you SOLO device will pickup. The Race Studio 3 software is what connects wirelessly to the device to download the data, while the Race Analysis 2 software is what you will use in order to actually read and review the data itself.

As mentioned if you have any further questions on this at the test and tunes we can assist you further. Or also, you can contact Aim Sports for even further support on their product they are really great for answering questions and doing walk-throughs as well. Their contact phone number is 540-342-9680.

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Thank you for the replies.  The solo is really fun to work with.   Top Kart that is the link we were looking for.  Thank you!
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