First off on behalf of Danny, Stu, and myself we want to thank all the teams that made it out to the event, braving the weather to see some of the best racing we have had in a while. 

The weather was cold, the wind wasn't helping and the sun took a minute to warn things up but the racing was worth every second of it. When the event was over and I was packing up, I had some of the WKA racers and team owners come over to tell me that when they heard the fans screaming during the final laps of the race they turned to watch you guys and gals instead of the gas race. They are excited to learn more about your sport.

A special thank you goes out to the two students from Lafayette Jefferson that offered to help my Scorekeeper and start learning the Timing and Scoring system. Thank you!

I just can't say enough about this event. Excited to see where we go from here and congratulations, you are all winners in my book.

Thank you all!

Life is what happens to you while you're planning on doing something else.
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Thanks, Bill, for a great day. We appreciate all your hard work and support. 
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