The Schedule will kick off with the WORLD FINALS held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway May 15th 2019.
Next  up the Hoosier Tire Grand Prix held on August 24th 2019 at the Purdue University Karting Complex.
Then, the Series travels to the Marion County Fairgrounds for the Mini Indy on September 21st 2019.
And the final race of the series will be the Indiana State Championship held at the New Castle Motorsports Park during the WORLD KARTING ASSOCIATIONS Manufacturers Cup event October 12th 2019.

Please mark your schedules and plan to attend this exciting series.

World Finals - May 15th 2019 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Hoosier Tire Grand Prix - August 24th 2019 - Purdue University Karting Complex
Mini Indy  - September 21st 2019 - Marion County Fairgrounds 
Indiana State Championship - New Castle Motorsports Park
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